4 Best Moisturizers for sensitive skin , According to Dermatologists

Today’s article is going to be all about gel and moisturizers, These types of moisturizers are well loved by those of us with oily and combo skin but I would argue that if you have a drier skin type you could still really enjoy these types of moisturizers, I think every brand has some variant
of this type of moisturizer, so that’s why I really wanted to just give these a
try and share with you my thoughts.

Moisturizers for sensitive skin

Now before I get into the actual products I just want to share a little bit about moisturizing and moisturizers in general now historically skincare routines have been pretty simple and they involved cleansing and moisturizing and maybe if you were extra good in the daytime you’d also have a sunscreen component nowadays we cleanse once on a second time then we apply some actives and acids and maybe some serums and hydrator hairs lotions emulsions and then maybe you know last step we’ll do some moisturizers and oils.

when we talk about moisturizers today we use that at the end of our routine whether that is two steps or 20 steps, The reason we moisturize is obviously to keep our skin moist and I know that’s one of the most hated words in the world but yes it is to keep our skin moist and hydrated
and this is just really critical for overall skin health in the same way that
we want to keep our body hydrated and for moisturizers to do this effectively they typically contain two types of ingredients.

The first one is a humectant and the second is an occlusive, Now humectants are basically ingredients that draw and attract water to our skin and, This is what keeps that nice surface layer of hydration so common ingredients that are found in skincare, That are humectants are first and foremost glycerin and this is probably one of the most common ingredients very popular these days is filler onic acid, Then you have some natural ingredients like honey and then you have maybe some chemical ingredients like propylene glycol or butylene.

Moisturizers for sensitive skin

Glycol and there are very many different forms of humectants that are available, Occlusive is an ingredient that prevents water from evaporating from our skin and so we have just applied our humectants and they’re doing a good job of drawing the water and the last thing we want then is for that water to be evaporated away so we want some sort of occlusive in a moisturizer just to seal that all in common forms of Okaloosa Viv’s include petroleum jelly or petrolatum this is the best occlusive.

There is and in fact you can find this in many many products including creme de la Mer the third ingredient in creme de la mayor is petroleum so yeah 200 Vaseline is a major component of creme de la Mer shocking right anyway moving along other common forms of occlusives include beeswax silicones and all forms some oils are good occlusives but not all and also squalane which is a natural oil like substance that our body produces so you know which met tents and occlusives
and make sense that these are the two primary ingredients that should be
present in a moisturizer because youwant to draw the water there and then
seal it in alright so with that kind of preamble out of the way let’s get into
the actual moisturizers.

Hada Labo Skin Plumping Gel Cream


first up is theHalawa skin plumping gel cream this comes in around 1415 dollars for this jar which contains 1.7 six ounces which is over 50 milliliters of product this is by far the least expensive option that I’m reviewing today so 10 and 10 for value when it comes to ingredients I’m just going to be looking at my notes here the hada labo the first handful of
ingredients are first off water which is the first ingredient of all of these products following that the next several ingredients are different types of
humectants including urea glycerin butylene glycol and then some different
forms of glycol rounding out the top seven is squalene which is a nice
occlusive so that’s kind of the top seven ingredients, I’m pretty impressed with the ingredients list so eight out of ten now when it comes to the sensory experience I do when I first day that all these products are very similar in the application.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel-Cream

Moisturizers for sensitive skin
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Next up we have the Neutrogena a hydro boost gel cream so again there is a water gel version of this that I have the gel cream now value eyes this comes in around 16 to 20 dollars depending on where you buy it and the quantity that’s in this package is 1.7 ounces so just a little bit less than what’s in the hot lava but really roughly speaking that’s about 50 milliliters so score on value will be a 9 out of 10 on to the ingredients again consulting line notes the first one again as water follow Amelie by dimethicone which as mentioned is a silicone and an inclusive then we have glycerin which is a humectant following that we have cetera olive 8 and skipping ahead one ingredient we also have sorbitan and olive 8 which are commonly seen together and their derivatives of olive oil next we have poly acrylamide which is used to thicken and bind the formula so this pretty much has no skincare value whatsoever is it just just to make the consistency of the formula a little bit more thick but rounding out the top seven is actually a phenoxyethanol.

Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief

Moisturizers for sensitive skin
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I had actually never heard of us before I probably have seen it in passing but honestly it’s never really been on my radar until my mom gave me this little sample when I was home recently in Toronto so when it
comes to this particular product for the value dimension you can get this in many different sizes obviously this is just a free sample that I have here but for the largest size this is a about $53 so I give this on the value side a 5 out of 10 when it comes to ingredients , The list is water dimethicone like all are the first three so that’s again water a silicon and a humectant,

Aveeno Ultra-Calming Nourishing Night Cream

Moisturizers for sensitive skin
Image Source: Aveeno

This product is by vino and I’ve actually used a lot of vino products in the past and they’ve been great so I was super excited to know, I was super
excited to get this and try it so it comes in its little container which is
great to keep on your nightstand by your bed especially so as you’re getting in bed you remember to use it this is what it looks like it’s
just a simple nice white cream it has a soft fragrance to it if you’re sensitive
to smells especially in your lotions you don’t you don’t want to use this it’s
very soft but you do smell it, it’s very creamy, It absorbs boobless it absorbs very quickly into the skin I woke up not feeling like my face was dry not feeling the urge to grab my lotion and and put it on once you rub it in its in its said it settles and it’s it’s just really really nice I really like the fact that
I woke up and I didn’t feel dry even.