Best Skincare Routines for 20’s and 30’s: How to Keep Skin Looking Young + 5 Anti Aging Tips

Every year as you age so does your skin although I know a lot of you guys are gonna tell me that oh my god your skin is fine your skin looks amazing you don’t look like your age but let me tell you there has been a lot of work put into the skin.

This post is all about sharing those secrets with you first of all let’s talk about skin, I’ve asked all people so what do you use on your skin the’re said to me soap, nothing or water, I need to tell you some of the reasons why you definitely need to look after your skin because it will repay you in the future and then I’m gonna give you five main things that you should concentrate on in your 20s, when it comes to skincare I want to go through the five key reasons on how we age and why we age

Number One Is UV

Number one is UV, now UV being the number one killer not only for your skin, your health in aging because it is one thing that your skin is going to take the longest to come back from UVA B are both rays that you can’t see and they penetrate deeper into your skin and it kills the skin cells as well a sit damages a lot of the production of collagen, elastin so all those things that helps make your skin plump and beautiful it’s going to destroy that, it doesn’t matter where you’re going definitely 100% will get you the exposure so make sure you’re putting on sunscreen

2. Skin Is Dry (Unmoisturized)

Moisturizing skin is the number one of most important thing and what I mentioned moisturizing that includes the whole face which includes the eye area, it’s the only place in your whole face that does not have any oil glands so it is not going to produce its own moisture, it is where you show signs of aging first you need to provide external moisture to make sure that that area is hydrated so you’re preventing premature aging which is what’s happening with a lot of people who don’t use eye cream

3. Lifestyle

Number three is lifestyle and I’ve talked about this before everything starts from within so you need to be eating right you need to be sleeping well from the of 11:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. is when your body is in rejuvenation mode, your livers a detoxing, your stomach is winding down, you know your heart rates drops and then your skin is in rejuvenation mode it’s going to replenish itself and that’s why the next morning when you wake up your skin is always looking a bit better or brighter

4.Free Radical

number four is free radical sand you’re like what what’s free, basically those things are terrible, it’s in the air is pollution it’s things that you know come from factories and cars and just dust and all that stuff is terrible for your skin we can’t do anything about that because that’s just a society and the world that we live in today the only thing we can do is try to protect our skin from it and also putting in all the ingredients that can help battle these free radicals at night so using vitamin C hyaluronic acid those are things are going to help your skin fight of those free radicals

5. Collagen And Elastin Production

last but not least is taking care of the collagen and elastin production in your body so as I mentioned once you hit about 24 or 25 everything starts to slow down and that’s when you need a little bit more help from you personally to help boost your skin’s production doing things such as facial massages to help stimulate the blood circulation in the skin, so your skin can better absorb these products and produce its own collagen and elastin fibers.